Recruiting 21-22
Recruiting 21-22


Synchronized Skating



“16 skaters on the ice characterized by

choreographed teamwork, speed, intricate formations

and challenging sequences”


“Truly a global sport with top teams

in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Canada and USA”


“Fastest growing skating discipline

in the USA and around the World”



Recruiting 21-22


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Northernettes Synchronized Skating

Founded in 2017 by Alana Christie, the Northernettes organization is driven to become a premiere destination for competitive synchronized skating.


Synchronized skating is an elite, highly competitive and super exciting team sport; we are helping young athletes fully develop their talents, leadership skills, and character both on and off the ice.


Our mission is to grow the organization and expand this incredible athletic opportunity to as many accomplished and passionate skaters as possible. 

2020-2021 northernettes demographics



recent northernettes competition locations!



Three high level teams for
the 2020-2021 season:


Northernettes Junior: ages 13-18, minimum Novice MIF

Northernettes Novice: ages 12-18, minimum Intermediate MIF

Northernettes Intermediate: ages 10-15, minimum Juvenile MIF

Northernettes Objectives


To provide our skaters with a high-end athletic experience in a strong, positive team environment


To create an amazing synchronized skating experience for as many passionate skaters as possible


To add additional IJS teams to our Intermediate, Novice, and Junior levels, and to
truly build
a successful and enduring organization


To ultimately become part of Team USA



Recruiting 21-22


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Why Northernettes?


Read the following testimonials from our current skaters on what being a part of the Northernettes means to them and on their feelings and passion for synchronized skating.

ava's Testimonial

Click here to watch Ava!

 "Previous to joining the Northernettes, I spent nearly ten years testing and competing individually. Even with all of the achievements and lessons I have learned through my individual training, nothing has compared to the things I have experienced and accomplished as a part of the Northernettes Junior Team. Being on such a close-knit team taught me how to be more efficient and responsible in a group setting. The team has also pushed me to rely on and completely trust the people around me, helping me grow as a teammate and as a skater. I have become much more outgoing and confident in myself, and I am no longer hesitant to be a leader both on and off the ice. It is such an amazing opportunity to be able to take the lessons I have learned from being on the Northernettes and apply them to my everyday life."


Alana has fueled my passion for synchronized skating to lengths that I did not even know were possible. Over the past two years I have become completely captivated by the sport and what it has to offer. Alana helped make my introduction into synchronized skating as incredible and memorable as possible, teaching me not only about how the sport works, but about all of the incredible lessons of unity and love that come with it. She creates the perfect balance of being a caring and helpful coach while also pushing us to be the best we can be. Her work ethic is unparalleled, as she stops at nothing to help us go above and beyond our standards. She is truly one of my biggest role models, and I have never loved and cherished skating more than I do now, thanks to Alana.


The Northernettes organization is incredibly welcoming to new athletes coming from all backgrounds of skating. Soon after joining the organization, I began to look forward to every practice and event because of how much fun it was trying new things skating with my team. Throughout my first year, I realized that I was no longer only skating for myself, but for each and every one of my teammates and coaches who had, over the season, become my family. There is no better feeling than stepping on the ice at the U.S. National Championships and being so proud of everything you have done as a skater and as a team to get where you are. Together, as one, we push through our challenges and celebrate our victories, and we do it purely for each other, our coaches, and the people who support our organization. I am so glad I joined synchro, and I would not trade it for the world." - Ava P.

paige's Testimonial 

Click here to watch Paige!

"Competitive synchro and being on this team has really shown me how many people share the same love as me. Being on the ice with everyone is like being surrounded by your own little support system. Everyone is so supportive of each other both on and off the ice. 


From the little time I've known Alana, she has already taught me so much. She's taught me what a team truly means and how fast they become like your second family. She's taught me to never settle for average and to keep pushing to improve your singles skating as well as your synchronized skating skills. Her passion for synchro only pushes the team more and more to become better. Seeing how much time and effort she puts into her synchro teams it seems unfair of us to not give it our all and hold ourselves accountable to high standards. Not only that, but Alana's passion towards synchro just radiates and makes you want to better yourself. 


I just want all those accomplished skaters out there wondering about synchro to know how fun synchro is and how worth it it is. It's not like single skating where it's just you, you're a part of a second family. I drive over an hour to every practice and it has been SO worth it! Being on a competitive team and having the opportunity to travel all around the world makes the practices worthwhile. I'm so grateful for the team and how much support they give you no matter what!" - Paige S.

jamie's Testimonial 

Click here to watch Jamie!

"Synchronized skating brings together skaters who are already strong individually, and tasks them with executing those skills as strongly while in tight formations, at high speeds, and in unison. It requires trust, compassion, responsibility, and commitment. It often comes with long practices, tiring run-throughs, and moments of frustration. Yet these temporary, difficult times only make the eventual achievements of success that much sweeter.

The feeling of working towards and accomplishing something as a team is difficult to beat, and it motivates each member of the team to work harder and strive to continually improve. For me, that has meant practicing with purpose, knowing that my individual efforts will ultimately benefit the team. It has also meant learning to face my fears and doubts, and adjusting my mindset to focus on what’s best for the team, as they inspire me time and time again to give my all.


However, it’s not just my teammates who inspire me, but our coaches as well. During and outside practice, they provide constant motivation and encouragement. Their shared drive and passion for synchro is mirrored by the team, which further strengthens and pushes us. It leads to productive practices that make us feel accomplished, and special moments where we grow as a team. I am so grateful to have gained these opportunities and experiences these past couple of years as a Northernette!" - Jamie Y.

alina's Testimonial 

Click here to watch Alina!

"Competitive synchronized skating has improved and strengthened the fine details of my skating technique. Off the ice, it has opened doors to new lifelong friendships. It’s allowed me to be a part of a team all striving towards the same goal. Being apart of an elite team has strengthened my overall well-being and made me more health conscious.


Where to begin...for someone as accomplished as she is in the synchronized skating world, Alana is extremely down to earth and approachable. Her skating expertise and knowledge of the sport is incredible. She inspires the whole team to fulfill our dreams by raising the bar and pushing our limits.


If you want to be a part of an elite skating team, look no further than the Northernettes. They are the best of the best. The coaching is superior and my teammates are the most dedicated, hardworking individuals I’ve ever met. It’s such an honor to be a part of such a prestigious team." - Alina M.


anika's Testimonial 

Click here to watch Anika!

"Competitive synchronized skating has impacted my life is so many ways on and off the ice. Synchro has given me the opportunity to be part of a team in a sport I really love and enjoy doing. This sport has made me fall in love with skating in a different way than with individual skating because I get to skate for a team and I have more purpose to skate for my friends/ teammates. I have taken so many life skills away from synchro.

Alana has taught me how to work together with a team. She has also helped me become a part of an amazing sport that I continue to love more every year. Her passion for the sport, along with my other coaches, has made me strive to continue to improve my synchro skills. Their passion has also inspired me to want to work my hardest so our team can continue to improve and meet our goals.

I have enjoyed every minute of being a Northernette. The teams all have amazing people and they are all so kind. I have made so many friends and I am so happy to be on the Northernettes. The coaches are great and they push us to constantly improve and make corrections. They really want us to succeed and there passion for the sport is really inspiring and makes the team work hard to make them proud." - Anika O.

emily's Testimonial 

Click here to watch Emily!

"Being a part of the Northernettes has changed my skating skills immensely. It is a rare experience to be able to skate with a whole team of skaters who will push you to be your best. I’ve never felt as supported and motivated to do better than when on the ice with my teammates. I was drawn to the Northenettes for a new experience in competitive skating. The opportunity to learn a new discipline in skating has been incredibly rewarding. Along the way, I have made many memories with teammates that I know will be lifelong friends.


I have learned many impactful lessons from Coach Alana. She truly inspires me to be a better person and skater. Her passion for synchronized skating is contagious, and now I feel just as invested in the growth of the Northernettes as she does. Alana has been a great leader during my time on the Northernettes and someone I feel lucky to know. Our entire coaching staff includes Coach Alana, Coach Hailey, and Coach Jillian. They each bring a unique and insightful perspective to the Northernettes from their experiences skating on high-level synchro teams.


The Northernettes is the only Minnesota based synchronized skating organization that offers a junior level team. We have fostered an amazing community within our organization that is welcoming and inclusive. Joining the Northernettes will give you the opportunity to grow within our organization while still pursuing individual skating goals. Yes, you can absolutely continue your individual skating career while on the Northernettes. In fact, it is encouraged! We have many high-level individual skaters on all three of our teams. I encourage you to try synchronized skating because it is a unique experience to be able to step on the ice and feel supported by a whole team of skaters." - Emily M.

benefits of Being a Northernette

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Recruiting 21-22


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in our 4th season

and counting...


Each of our Junior team members has a Northernette Number that is unique to them. We are up to #44 and we are excited to continue to add to our legacy! Click here to learn more.

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